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How Do We Add Your Logo to the Items?

Just like the magic in a fairy tale, it takes a combination of modern technology and meticulous workmanship to turn everyday objects into unique, logo-branded promotional items. At Kodiak, we employ various techniques to ensure your logo seamlessly integrates with your chosen products.

Let's explore the different methods we use to imprint your logo on a promo item:

  1.     Screen Printing: Screen printing is a popular method used for branding a myriad of items, including t-shirts and flying discs. This process involves forcing ink through a mesh screen, cut out in the pattern of your logo. Each color requires a different screen, and once the process is completed, the item goes through a dryer to permanently fuse the ink onto the product.
  2.     Pad Printing: Remember using stamps during arts and crafts as a child? Pad printing is a more sophisticated, mechanical version. It's an offset printing process where an image is transferred onto the product via a silicone pad, lifting the ink from an etched plate directly onto your promotional items.
  3.     Digital Printing: Also known as four-color process or CMYK printing, digital printing transfers a digital-based image directly onto an item using lasers or inkjets—almost like using a larger version of your home printer with promo products instead. This process allows for a broad spectrum of colors without any extra costs or increased production time.
  4.     Embroidery: Far from an antiquated technique, modern technology has streamlined embroidery, making it faster and simpler. Your custom design is fed into computerized software and transferred onto the item's imprint area through mechanized needles, with each thread color stitched individually to create your logo.
  5.     Emboss and Deboss: Embossing and debossing are techniques that create a raised or indented design on the product, respectively. During either process, the logo is molded onto a metal plate and sealed at high temperatures. It's akin to branding cattle, but entirely painless.
  6.     Heat Press/Transfer: The heat press method is like ironing patches onto a denim vest, but at a much more advanced level. Your logo is printed onto Teflon paper and then pressed onto your promotional product with a large flat iron at 300°F, effectively transferring and curing the design onto the item.
  7.     Laser Engraving: From sci-fi to reality, lasers serve various practical purposes, including customizing your promotional items. Laser engraving creates depth patterns on a surface through direct laser incisions. Using specialized software, your artwork is programmed, and the product is placed under the laser for precision engraving.
At Kodiak, we are committed to ensuring that your products look exceptional, every single time, regardless of whether you choose screen-printing, embroidery, or any other method. Our dedicated sales team consists of promotional product experts who guarantee outstanding results. Moreover, we provide free digital proofs on every order, reinforcing our promise for quality and perfection.

Remember, it's not only about imprinting your logo onto a product; it's about creating promotional magic that resonates with your brand! If you have any further inquiries or need assistance with your order, don't hesitate to contact us.
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