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How is my price determined?

Are you intrigued about how your order cost or price difference between various designs or products is determined? We're always at hand to provide a precise, no-obligation-to-buy price quote.

The Trio that Directs Your Price

Your comprehensive price is principally steered by three elements:

  1. The product you opt for: The type of product, be it a budget-friendly option or a high-end item, impacts the final price.
  2. The total quantity of items in your order: We offer volume pricing, meaning the larger the quantity, the less you pay per unit.
  3. The number of ink colors required for printing: Ifyour design is being printed, the more colors included, the higher thecost. For embroidery, the cost is based on the thread count - the largerthe design, the higher the cost.

Additionally, factors such as personalization (adding unique namesand/or numbers to your items) or special requirements also influence thecost.

Production: Standard Delivery

To get an accurate estimate, use our Quote Calculator located on our product pages. Simply look for and click on the blue "Quote Calculator" button and input the specifics you're interested in.

Alternatively, our customer-centric sales team is always enthusiastic to provide a free quote. Feel free to get in touch at 1-800-655-0926 or at custom@kodiak-coolers.com.

Smart Tips to Save Money

We offer plenty of opportunities to trim costs without compromisingthe quality of your design. Here are a few clever strategies:

  • Increase order size: The easiest method to bringdown the cost per item is to escalate the quantity of your order. Thinkabout ordering a few extras to fully capitalize on your savings!
  • Reduce the number of print colors: Trimming downthe number of ink colors in your design can pave the way for significantsavings. Our team of skilled artists can make any design glow with justthree, two, or even one ink color!
  • Leverage our coupon codes: Keep an eye out for our discount codes to enjoy additional savings.

Complimentary with Every Order

Regardless of the size of your order, we're committed to offering the following services absolutely free:

  • Rigorous design review by a professional artist
  • Professional Quality Assurance - At least three dedicated teammembers will scrutinize every aspect of your order to ensure perfection,every single time.
  • Expert design consultation
  • Guaranteed delivery date
  • Set-up fees
  • Shipping to the 48 US states, APO, and Canada
  • Exceptional customer service
  • A reliable money-back guarantee

Remember, at Kodiak, transparency is our tenet, andthere are no hidden costs! Giving you value for your money is our utmostpriority.

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