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Will I Get a Proof to Review Before My Kodiak Order is Printed?

At Kodiak, we hold your satisfaction in the highest regard. That’s why we provide a detailed proof for you to review before we print your order, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

Unveiling the Art Proofs:

Once you submit your custom artwork, we proceed to create a free digital proof showing precisely how your design will appear on the ordered products. We believe in transparency and love free stuff, just like you do!

The art proof will showcase your artwork in the right proportions, providing the most accurate depiction of your final product. While we conduct thorough checks for any potential errors, we highly recommend you scrutinize your proof as well:

  •     Verify the artwork's accuracy
  •     Double-check all details

Remember the golden rule: Check twice, Order once.

Why this meticulous check? Because while we strive for perfection, any errors on the signed and approved proof can't be held against Kodiak. Similarly, we can't be responsible for any damages resulting from errors or mistakes subsequent to the order's acceptance and printing.

Your Approval Journey:

After receiving the art proof, scour it diligently, either alone or with a few eagle-eyed friends.

Ready to Approve? Fill in your details in the designated "Approve" box.

Need Changes? Rest easy, just head to the "Require Changes?" box, click on the provided link, and convey your alteration requests. We'll promptly revise your design and forward a new proof for your approval.

Our dedicated customer service representatives are always a call or email away to assist with any questions or concerns you might have during your proof review process!

Picture Proofs for Optimal Assurance:

We acknowledge that visual confirmation is vital. Therefore, for every order exceeding six pieces, we're delighted to provide picture proofs for review.

Our talented team of artists will thoroughly examine your design, ensuring a high-quality print. Post-review, we'll email the detailed picture proof along with any other points that might need your attention before the printing process begins.

If there's anything to be adjusted or modified, reply directly to our proof email. If you're on a rush schedule or simply prefer to talk to one of our Inkers, call us at 1-800-655-0926. We're available 7 days a week, Monday-Friday: 8am - Midnight ET, Saturday: 10am - 6pm ET, and Sunday: 10am - 6pm ET.

At Kodiak, we're not just printing products; we're building partnerships, founded on trust, transparency, and total customer satisfaction.
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