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    Screen Printing

    Screen Printing (Screen printing is a traditional technique that involves pushing ink through a woven mesh stencil onto fabric. This method, renowned for producing high-quality and long-lasting results, suits diverse designs, from simple graphic details to intricate multicolored patterns. Regardless of the size of your order, we pledge to deliver vividly printed apparel at a reasonable cost. As per our standard, we promise exceptional quality, remarkable uniformity, and incredibly competitive prices with every order.)

    Screen Printing - Past Customer Examples

    The quality and unique result of the Screen Printing Process we provide for our clients is what makes them come back time and time again.

    The Screen Printing Process

    The Screen Printing Process Broken down in 4 Easy Step

    Step 1: Artwork preparation

    First, a digital design is created using graphic design software, ensuring the design suits the chosen medium and overall aesthetic required. It's important that the design is made with appropriate colors and resolutions for optimum printing quality.

    Step 2: Screen Preperation

    Next, the design is printed onto a transparent film. This film is then placed onto a screen that has been coated with light-sensitive emulsion. When exposed to light, the emulsion hardens and becomes insoluble to water.

    Step 3: Exposure and Development

    The screen is then exposed to light. The areas covered by the design remain soft while the rest of the emulsion hardens. Once exposure is complete, the screen is rinsed with water, washing away the soft emulsion and leaving a stencil of the design.

    Step 4: Inking

    Now, the screen is mounted onto the printing press. The chosen ink color is applied to the top of the screen, ready for distribution onto the garment.

    Step 5: Printing

    The screen is pressed down onto the garment, and a squeegee is used to pull the ink across the stencil, pushing it through the mesh and onto the fabric. This process is repeated for each color in the design, with each color requiring a separate screen.

    Step 6: Curing

    Finally, the inked garment is passed through a dryer or a heat press. This cures the ink, ensuring it bonds with the fibers of the fabric and becomes resistant to washing and fading, thus ensuring the durability of the print.

    Step 7: Quality Check

    After curing, each garment undergoes a thorough quality inspection to ensure the print meets our high standards. Once approved, the garments are packed and prepared for delivery to the customer.

    Best File Types & Design Tips

    Vector file formats like .ai, .svg, and .dxf are the preferred choice for screen printing projects due to their scalability without loss of quality. Unlike raster images, which can become pixelated when resized, vector files maintain their integrity, ensuring sharp and clean print results. Additionally, these formats allow for easy manipulation of individual elements, making color separations and adjustments more straightforward for the screen printing process.

    Popular Screen Printed Product Styles

    Custom T-Shirts

    Bulk Wholesale Custom T-Shirts engraved with logo for your business or event

    Custom Sweatshirts & Hoodies

    Bulk Wholesale Custom Crewneck Sweatshirts and Hoodies printed with logo for your business or event

    Custom Activewear

    Shirt, White, Product, Jersey, Azure, Sleeve, Font, Sportswear, Aqua, T-shirt

    Ready to Get Started?

    Screen Printing - Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know about Screen Printing on Apparel!

    How much does ScApparel cost?

    The cost of your custom screen-printed apparel depends on several factors including the chosen garment, the complexity of your design, the number of colors involved, and the quantity of your order. We offer bulk volume discount pricing to ensure high value for your investment.

    Is there a Minimum Order for Custom Screen Printed Apparel?

    es, due to the screen preparation process, we have a minimum order requirement of 12 units for screen printed apparel orders. Nonetheless, we provide options for low minimum orders too, as well as single unit sample orders for you to evaluate our products.

    Can I get my Company Logo Printed on Apparel using Screen Printing?

    Absolutely! We excel in printing company logos on various types of garments, making them perfect for promotional campaigns, corporate gifts, team uniforms, and branded merchandise.

    Can I get a Sample Shirt Screen Printed before placing a Large Order?

    Yes we can provide a DTF sample which will be almost identical, indeed! We understand the importance of quality and offer sample shirts for your evaluation before confirming a larger order. You can explore our sample options in our samples collection on our website.

    Why is Screen Printing so Popular?

    Screen printing is renowned for its excellent quality and durability, capable of producing vibrant and lasting colors even after numerous washes. This technique can accommodate large-scale productions, making it a cost-effective solution for bulk orders. It's also versatile, allowing for a wide range of designs and fabric types.

    What are the Benefits of Screen Printing?

    Screen printing ensures vivid, durable, and consistent prints. Its scalability makes it cost-effective for large orders. Being a versatile technique, it can be applied to a wide variety of garment styles and materials. Moreover, since the inks bond with the fabric, the prints can withstand rigorous use and washing without fading.

    What is the Difference between a Direct to Garment and Screen Printing?

    While both are great for customized apparel, the key difference lies in their techniques and ideal use cases. Screen printing involves creating stencils (screens) for each color and pressing the inks onto the fabric, making it ideal for large orders and designs with limited colors. Direct-to-garment (DTG), on the other hand, works like a printer, spraying the ink directly onto the garment, which is perfect for designs with many colors or complex details.

    What are Some Popular Use Cases for Screen Printed Apparel? 

    Screen printed apparel is a favorite pick for school and sports team uniforms, promotional event giveaways, band merchandise, employee uniforms, and personal wardrobe staples with custom designs. They're also increasingly popular for community events, fundraisers, and as personalized gifts.

    Who all Buys Custom Screen Printed Apparel?

    Our wide selection of screen printed apparel caters to everyone, from children to adults, with an array of styles including but not limited to polo shirts, sweatshirts, caps, tote bags, and more. Businesses, schools, bands, event organizers, clubs, and even individuals looking for unique personal apparel could benefit from our services.

    How Many Custom Shirts Should I Order?

    The number of custom shirts you should order depends entirely on your needs and budget. Whether it's for a small team or a large corporate event, we're flexible to cater to orders of various sizes. Plus, our bulk volume discount pricing means the more you order, the more money you'll save!

    What are the Care Instructions for Screen Printed items?

    To ensure the longevity of your screen printed garments, we recommend a cold wash and tumble dry on the low setting. Certain items might require special care, and those instructions will be included with your order.

    How is my Logo or Design added with the Screen Printing Process?

    Your design is first transferred onto a screen to create a stencil. The screen is then placed on the garment, and ink is pushed through the screen onto the fabric. Each color in your design requires a separate screen. This technique gives the print a unique, hand-crafted feel.

    How Long does it take to Receive my Order of Custom Screen Printed Apparel?

    With standard processing, we aim to ship your custom screen printed order in just 5-8 business days. Actual shipping times may vary depending on your location. Need it faster? Let us know, and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule.

    Are Screen Prints Permanent, or will they Fade Over Time?

    Thanks to the high-quality inks we use and the screen printing technique, the prints are durable and resist fading, even with regular washing and wear.

    What if I'm Not Satisfied with my Custom Screen Printed Order?

    Your satisfaction is our top priority. We employ digital proofing to ensure you're fully satisfied with the design before we start printing. If for any reason you're not pleased with the finished product, please reach out to our customer service team. We will do all we can to find a satisfactory solution.

    Can I use multiple colors in my design for Screen Printing?

    Yes, you can use multiple colors in your design. However, it's important to note that for each color in the design, a separate screen is required. This can impact the cost and time required for your project, particularly for small quantities.

    Why choose Screen Printing over other printing methods?

    Screen printing is known for delivering vibrant colors that are hard to replicate by other printing methods. It's an excellent choice for larger orders due to its scalability, and designs can be printed on a wide range of garment styles and materials.

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