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Trade Show Swag That Works: Custom Tumblers


    You're drowning in a sea of trade show swag, aren't you?

    It's time to float above the rest with custom tumblers.

    They're more than just freebies; they're your brand's mobile billboard.

    They scream sustainability while quenching thirsts.

    And every sip? It's your logo, catching eyes.

    So let's raise a glass to an eco-friendly, striking promotional tool that's worth its weight in brand exposure.

    Dive into the world of Trade shows andย custom tumblers.

    Key Takeaways

    • Custom tumblers offer long-lasting and wide-reaching brand exposure, as they act as mobile billboards and provide repeated visibility to the brand.
    • The customization options for tumblers are extensive, allowing companies to print their logo, graphics, quotes, or even a calendar of events, enhancing brand identity.
    • Custom tumblers resonate well with eco-conscious consumers, as they promote sustainability and reduce the use of single-use plastics.
    • Tumblers are highly versatile and practical, serving as excellent corporate gifts for clients and employees, and being useful for daily activities, travel, and casual outings.

    Why Choose Custom Tumblers For Trade Shows

    You're likely wondering why custom tumblers are a top pick for trade show swag.

    Consider their high visibility and reusable nature, making them a practical and eco-friendly choice.

    With a variety of styles, colors, and the added bonus of portability, they're a promotional tool that can extend your brand's reach far beyond the trade show floor.

    High Visibility

    Why opt for custom tumblers at trade shows?

    It's simple - your logo stands out on these trendy items, ensuring maximum brand exposure.

    As every sip brings your brand to their lips and eyes, you're gaining visibility and recall, making tumblers a smart promotional choice.

    Logos Stand Out

    When you're showcasing your brand at a trade show, custom tumblers can help your logo stand out and garner high visibility. These promotional products for tradeshows are among the best tradeshow gift ideas.

    With customized tumblers, your brand gets a high-profile, mobile billboard. They aren't just practical, they're also memorable, making them for tradeshows a smart choice for brand exposure.

    Maximum Brand Exposure

    Almost every time you hand out a custom tumbler at a trade show, you're not just giving a gift, but also creating a chance for countless others to see your brand. This high visibility is priceless in building brand recognition.

    Benefits of Custom Tumblers


    High Visibility

    Seen by multiple people

    Brand Recognition

    Constant reminder of your brand




    Useful in daily life

    Now, let's dive into how custom tumblers are not just highly visible but also useful and reusable.

    Useful & Reusable

    You might be wondering why custom tumblers are a great choice for trade show giveaways.

    Well, they're not just useful during the event, but their usefulness extends well beyond it.

    With their reusability, you're not only promoting your brand but also supporting a greener environment.

    Post-Event Use

    The true value of giving out custom tumblers at trade shows isn't just in the immediate branding impact. Instead, it lies in their long-term usefulness and reusability. Unlike other promotional items, custom tumblers are more than just a one-time giveaway. They serve as a constant reminder of your brand, even long after the event has ended. By using these tumblers, individuals enhance brand recognition and are reminded of your company's presence. Additionally, distributing custom tumblers shows your commitment to sustainability, which further strengthens your brand image.

    Variety Of Tumbler Styles & olors

    When considering trade show swag, you'll find that custom tumblers come in a vast array of styles and colors.

    This variety allows you to select a design that perfectly matches your brand's aesthetics and values.

    Let's explore how different tumbler styles and colors can amplify your brand's presence at trade shows.

    Custom Tumbler Styles

    Dive into the world of custom tumbler styles, where you'll find an endless array of colors and designs that'll make your trade show swag stand out in a crowd. From sleek stainless steel to vibrant plastic, there's a style for every audience.

    Whether you opt for a minimalist look or a playful pattern, your custom tumbler is sure to impress.

    Stay tuned as we delve into the captivating world of custom tumbler colors next.

    Custom Tumbler Colors

    You'll find an impressive array of colors to choose from when selecting custom tumblers for your trade show swag. This brings a whole new level of personalization to your promotional efforts. Whether you opt for a sleek black, a vibrant red, or even a color that matches your logo, the choice is yours.


    When you're navigating a busy trade show, you'll appreciate the convenience of a custom tumbler. It's not just a fantastic promotional item, it's also a built-in drink container that's easy to carry around.

    Think about it - you're making a statement about your brand, quenching your thirst, and keeping your hands free for networking, all at the same time.

    Easy To Carry Around The Trade Show

    In the bustling atmosphere of a trade show, your need for convenience is paramount, and that's where the portability of custom tumblers really shines.

    • They're lightweight, making them easy to carry around.
    • Many come with a secure lid, preventing spills as you move from booth to booth.
    • Some even feature a built-in handle or carabiner for effortless transport.

    Built-In Drink Container

    Custom tumblers aren't just portable, they also come with a built-in drink container, making them a highly practical choice for trade show attendees. They're easy to carry and provide a convenient way to stay hydrated.





    Easy to carry

    Trade shows

    Built-in Container




    Brand exposure

    Daily use






    Professional & casual settings

    Best Practices For Branded Tumblers

    When it comes to creating branded tumblers, there are a few key guidelines you should follow.

    From the design aspects to material considerations, every detail counts in crafting an effective promotional item.

    It's also crucial to make smart decisions about quantity and budgeting, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.

    Design Tips

    When designing your custom tumblers, consider a few key elements to maximize their marketing potential.

    First, make sure your logo is bold and easily identifiable.

    Second, include your contact information for easy accessibility.

    Third, use your brand colors to make the tumbler instantly recognizable as part of your company's swag.

    Bold Logos

    You'll find that one of the most effective ways to maximize your brand's visibility on a custom tumbler is through the use of bold logos.

    • Make it big and vibrant.
    • Use colors that align with your brand.
    • Keep the design simple for maximum impact.

    Moving on, it's important not just to stop at logos. Let's delve into why you should also add your contact information.

    Add your Contact Information

    While it's essential to have a bold logo on your custom tumbler, don't forget to include your contact information to make it easy for potential clients to reach out.

    You can add your website, phone number, or social media handles subtly on the base or inside the lid.

    It's all about balance - your tumbler should promote your brand without coming off as a blatant advertisement.

    Match Brand Colors

    Consistency is key, and it's important to match your brand colors on your custom tumblers for maximum impact. Keep these tips in mind:

    • Use Pantone color matching for precision
    • Don't shy from bold colors if they fit your brand
    • Consider color psychology and its influence on perception

    With color settled, let's move on to material considerations, another crucial aspect in designing your perfect custom tumbler.

    Material Considerations

    When choosing the material for your tumbler, you've got a few considerations.

    You'll want to weigh the benefits of insulated versus non-insulated and decide between the pros and cons of stainless steel and plastic.

    Don't overlook the lid options, as you'll need to choose between standard lids or the more modern sliding lids.

    Material Comparison: Insulated Vs Non-Insulated

    In your quest to choose the best custom tumblers for your brand's promotional needs, it's crucial to understand the pros and cons of different materials, particularly the differences between insulated and non-insulated options.

    • Insulated tumblers keep drinks hot or cold for longer, but they're usually pricier.
    • Non-insulated ones are more affordable, but they don't maintain temperature.

    Consider your audience's needs and your budget when deciding.

    Pros And Cons Of Stainless Steel Vs. Plastic

    Beyond the choice between insulated and non-insulated tumblers, you'll also need to weigh the pros and cons of stainless steel versus plastic. Consider durability, insulation, and cost.




    Stainless Steel

    Highly Durable, Better Insulation

    Higher Cost


    Lower Cost, Lightweight

    Less Durable, Poor Insulation

    Your decision will depend on your brand's goals, audience preferences, and budget.

    Lid Options: Standard Lids vs Sliding Lids

    You'll find that choosing between standard lids and sliding lids for your custom tumblers isn't just about aesthetics; it also impacts utility and user experience.

    • Standard lids offer simplicity and are often leak-proof.
    • Sliding lids provide easy access for sipping without removing the lid, enhancing convenience.
    • Both types can feature your logo, boosting brand recognition.

    Next, let's consider quantity and budgeting to maximize your promotional impact.

    Quantity And Budgeting

    When it comes to ordering custom tumblers, you might be wondering about the best practices for quantity and budgeting.

    Let's break down how many you should order, the cost per unit, and how to save with bulk orders.

    Proper budgeting can help you make the most of your promotional investment.

    AtKodiak Wholesale, we understand that making the right decisions when ordering custom tumblers is crucial. That's why we offer a wide range of tumbler options to suit every budget and quantity requirement.ย 

    Order Size: How many should you Order

    In deciding on the quantity of custom tumblers to order for your promotional needs, it's crucial to consider factors such as your budget, the size of your target audience, and the purpose of the campaign.

    • Don't go overboard; order what's within your budget.
    • Consider your audience size; don't leave anyone out.
    • Align the quantity with your campaign goals; ensure every tumbler serves its purpose.

    Cost Per Unit Breakdown

    Understanding the cost per unit for custom tumblers is crucial, and it's equally important to budget accordingly for the quantity you need. We offer volume discounts onย our custom tumblersย at Kodiak and while pricing may vary here is an example.


    Price per Unit

    Total Cost











    Budgeting: Bulk Order and Save

    You'll discover that careful budgeting isn't just about crunching numbers; it's a strategic pathway to getting the most out of your custom tumbler order.

    • Purchase in bulk to enjoy discounts.
    • Pre-order ahead to avoid rush fees.
    • Consider the balance between cost and quality.

    Now that you're equipped with budgeting strategies, let's transition into how to effectively promote your tumblers at the event.

    Promoting Your Tumblers At The Event

    Now that you've got your custom tumblers, it's time to get them noticed at the event.

    Consider attractive booth displays, exciting giveaways and contests, and engaging interactions with attendees.

    Each of these strategies will help your tumblers stand out, increasing their promotional impact.

    Booth Display

    How can you effectively promote your custom tumblers at your trade show booth to maximize your brand's exposure? It's all about the display.

    • First, set up an eye-catching display featuring your tumblers in a prominent place. Use appealing visuals and lighting to draw attention.
    • Second, demonstrate their use. Fill some with different beverages so visitors can see them in action.
    • Finally, don't just limit your tumblers to your booth. Distribute them to the attendees. When they carry them around, it's free advertising.

    Giveaways And Contests

    Now, let's talk about how you can promote your custom tumblers at the event.

    A great way to do this is through raffles and prize giveaways.

    Interactive games can also be a fun and engaging way to promote your brand.

    Additionally, social contests can help create excitement and encourage more people to engage with your brand.

    Raffles & Prizes Giveaways

    You're going to love this part - promoting your custom tumblers at the event through exciting raffles and prize giveaways can give your brand a significant boost.

    • Raffles: Engage attendees by offering your custom tumblers as raffle prizes.
    • Contests: Hold fun contests with tumblers as rewards.
    • Free Giveaways: Nothing attracts like freebies. Hand out your branded tumblers to lucky visitors.

    These strategies can make your trade show memorable.

    Interactive Games

    Incorporating interactive games into your booth can be a clever way to get attendees involved, and custom tumblers make excellent prizes. Create contests like a spin-the-wheel or trivia, where the prize is your branded tumbler.

    Game Idea

    Equipment Needed

    Tumbler Use


    Game Wheel




    Reward for Right Answer

    Tumbler Toss

    Tumblers, Basket

    Game Prop

    Social Contests

    To ramp up the excitement at your booth, consider hosting social contests where attendees can win your custom tumblers.

    • Make it fun with a trivia or a quick game.
    • Use social media platforms to promote participation.
    • Ensure the contest rules are clear and fair.

    This approach can create a buzz around your brand and get more eyes on your product.

    Interacting With Attendees

    At your booth, be proactive and engage attendees with your custom tumblers. Hand them out directly, or use them as props during your demos and presentations.

    This interaction not only promotes your brand but also creates a memorable experience for potential customers.

    Direct Giveaways: Hand Them Out At Your Booth

    You'll find handing out your custom tumblers directly at your trade show booth is a fantastic way to interact with attendees and promote your brand.

    • It creates instant brand visibility
    • It initiates face-to-face conversations
    • It leaves attendees with a practical keepsake

    This direct approach makes a memorable impression.

    In the next section, we'll discuss how to further engage your audience by offering tumblers during demos/presentations.

    Offer Them During Demos/Presentations

    During your product demos or presentations, you've got a golden opportunity to promote your custom tumblers, and it's here that you can really engage with your audience. Use tumblers as visual aids or as giveaways during Q&As.

    Demo Activities

    Tumbler Promotion

    Product Demonstrations

    Visual aid

    Q&A Sessions


    Networking Breaks

    Refreshment Containers

    This strategic use enhances your brand's visibility and interaction with attendees.

    Maximizing Exposure After The Event

    You've handed out your custom tumblers at the trade show, but the real work has only just begun.

    Now, it's about ensuring your brand continues to be seen and remembered long after the event.

    Let's explore some strategies to maximize your brand exposure using these tumblers even when the show is over.

    Ideas For Extending Exposure

    After the trade show, it's crucial that you leverage the potential of your custom tumblers to ensure maximum brand exposure. Here are a few ideas to keep your brand in the spotlight:

    • Encourage your recipients to share pictures of their tumblers on social media, using a specific hashtag related to your brand.
    • Run a contest where the most creative picture or post featuring your tumbler wins a prize.
    • Partner with local cafes or eateries to offer a small discount for customers who bring in their own tumblers, especially ones with your brand.

    These strategies not only increase the usage of your tumblers but also extend your brand's exposure long after the event.

    Now, let's transition into measuring ROI from branded tumblers.

    Measuring ROI From Branded Tumblers

    You might be wondering how to measure the return on your investment in branded tumblers. It's not as complicated as you might think. Let's talk about some metrics and methods that can help you track the effectiveness of this form of promotion.

    Metrics And Methods For Tracking ROI

    In assessing the effectiveness of your custom tumbler campaign, it's vital to understand the metrics and methods for tracking Return on Investment (ROI), a key indicator of success.

    • Customer Engagement: Monitor how often the tumblers are used in public. A highly visible tumbler means your brand is getting exposure.
    • Sales Increase: Track any spikes in sales or inquiries after the tumbler distribution. This could indicate your branding is reaching potential customers.
    • Social Media Mentions: Encourage recipients to share their tumblers on social media and track these mentions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are Some Innovative Features That Can Be Added to Custom Tumblers to Increase Their Appeal?

    You're asking about jazzing up custom tumblers, right? Think built-in straws, handles for easy grip, or even temperature control for that perfect sip. Tech is all the rage these days.

    Why not tumblers that glow in the dark or ones with digital displays? Let's not forget colors and designs that pop! Innovation's the name of the game.

    The groovier they are, the more they'll be used, and the more your brand gets seen.

    How Can Businesses Ensure That Their Branded Tumblers Align With Their Overall Corporate Aesthetic and Brand Image?

    To ensure your branded tumblers align with your corporate aesthetic and brand image, you'll need to carefully consider design elements. Choose colors that match your brand's palette and a logo design that's clear and recognizable.

    Don't be afraid to get creative with graphics or quotes that embody your company's ethos. Remember, it's not just a tumbler, it's a representation of your brand.

    Make sure it's a design you'd be proud to see everywhere.

    Are There Specific Industries or Businesses That Can Benefit More From Using Custom Tumblers as Promotional Tools?

    Absolutely! Any business that values sustainability and constant brand exposure can benefit from custom tumblers. Particularly, industries like fitness, travel, and hospitality might find them more advantageous.

    They're not just eco-friendly, they're walking advertisements. Imagine your logo on a tumbler at a gym, office, or beach. It's ongoing publicity without the continuous cost.

    What Are Some Unique or Creative Ways to Distribute Custom Tumblers at Trade Shows to Ensure Maximum Visibility and Exposure?

    You're wondering how to creatively distribute custom tumblers at trade shows for maximum exposure.

    Well, you could incorporate them into a fun, interactive game or contest. Alternatively, use them as drink vessels at your booth's refreshment stand.

    Even better, offer them as a reward for engaging in a product demo or presentation. The key is making your tumblers a highlight, not an afterthought.

    How Can the Durability and Quality of Custom Tumblers Be Ensured to Maximize Their Longevity and Promotional Value?

    To ensure durability and quality of your custom tumblers, it's important to consider a few key factors. First, choose premium materials like stainless steel, which is known for its strength and resistance to corrosion. This will help ensure that your tumblers can withstand daily use and maintain their appearance over time.

    In addition to selecting the right materials, it's crucial to insist on high-quality printing techniques for the logos on your tumblers. This will ensure that the design stays intact even after repeated use and washing. Look for options like laser engraving or screen printing, which are known for their longevity and durability.

    Before placing a bulk order for custom tumblers, it's a good idea to test them first. This involves checking for features like leak-proof lids and insulation. A leak-proof lid is important to prevent any spills or accidents, especially when the tumblers are used on the go. Insulation is another key feature to consider, as it can help keep beverages at the desired temperature for longer periods of time.

    Remember, when you invest in custom tumblers, you're not just getting a promotional item. These tumblers are a representation of your brand's commitment to quality. By choosing premium materials, insisting on high-quality printing, and ensuring that the tumblers have functional features, you're sending a message to your customers that you prioritize excellence and long-lasting value.


    So, isn't it time to make a bold, sustainable statement at your next trade show with custom tumblers? Every sip from your branded tumbler is a new opportunity for exposure, a fresh conversation starter, and a testament to your brand's commitment to the environment.

    With the right strategy, these reusable gems can transform your trade show swag game. Raise a glass to smarter, greener, and more effective marketing with custom tumblers.

    Kodiak Wholesale'scustom UV drinkware is a game-changer in the world of promotional items, offering a unique and memorable way to promote your brand.

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    Robby Diederich



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