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How to Use Custom Tumblers in Your Car Dealership's Marketing Strategy


    You're always looking for fresh ways to improve your car dealership's marketing, right? Well, you've hit the jackpot!

    Custom tumblers can be your dealership's secret weapon. They're not just drinkware, they're mobile billboards broadcasting your business everywhere they go.

    Custom tumblers can help steer your marketing strategy in the right direction. Whether you're trying to increase sales, build customer trust, or promote your business, custom drinkware can help.

    Let's get you started on this journey.

    Key Takeaways

    • Custom tumblers can be used as promotional gifts, giveaways, and purchase incentives to create a memorable experience for customers at car dealerships.
    • Offering customized tumblers to service customers, people who test drive cars, and during customer appreciation days can help build loyalty and strengthen brand visibility.
    • You can increase the visibility of your car dealership by handing out customised tumblers at regional community events. Also, you may gift them to nearby charities and educational institutions, and use them at trade exhibitions and exhibits.
    • Custom tumblers can be a useful part of a marketing strategy to raise brand awareness, and encourage consumer gratitude. It offers affordable marketing option, and enhances sales and revenue.  

    Use Customized Tumblers to Promote Sales Events

    Imagine you own a car dealership and want to find new ways to attract and keep customers.

    Have you thought about gifting personalized tumblers to potential customers? You could offer custom tumblers as gifts for test drives or provide them after someone purchases a new vehicle as an incentive.

    This would create a memorable experience for your customers while promoting your dealership.

    Gift Personalized Tumblers to Attendees

    You'll find that gifting tumblers with your dealership's logo engraved during events can be an effective way to boost your efforts.

    These personalized tumblers are not only useful gifts for car dealerships, but they also serve as moving billboards. 

    Every time your customers drink from the tumbler, they'll think of your brand. This will make them more loyal and raise awareness of your business. 

    Just think of it as a way to market your business that keeps on giving.

    Also, these tumblers are great ideas for holiday gifts for clients. They're practical, in style, and show that you care about your customers.

    Offer Custom Tumblers as Giveaways for Test Drives

    Consider offering personalized drinkware as rewards for clients who take vehicles for a test drive. It's a fantastic way to show appreciation and build a positive relationship. You'll find that small gestures like this can go a long way in creating a positive customer journey.

    So, what are some reasons to use custom tumblers as test drive giveaways?

    • They're practical: Everyone can use a tumbler, making it a useful gift.
    • They're customizable: Add your dealership's logo or a personal message to create a memorable keepsake.
    • They can boost your brand: Each time the tumbler is used, it's a reminder of your dealership.
    • They're cost-effective: Compared to other promotional items, tumblers offer great value for money.

    Provide Customized Tumblers for Purchase Incentives

    Besides giveaways, don't forget about offering personalized drinkware as an incentive. It is an excellent way to thank customers for their business. Whenever they take a sip from their custom tumbler, they'll remember the great experience they had at your dealership. Plus, it's a fantastic way to keep your brand in their minds.

    Here's a simple table highlighting some benefits:




    Brand Exposure


    Increases visibility

    Customer Appreciation


    Promotes satisfaction



    Affordable marketing

    Long-Term Use


    Sustainable promotion

    Increased Sales


    Boosts revenue

    Build Loyalty with Custom Tumblers for Service Customers

    Think about how you can use customized tumblers to build loyalty with your service customers. You can give them out after appointments, making your customers feel valued and appreciated. 

    Or, why not offer personalized tumblers as special gifts to your rewards program members? You may even distribute them during customer appreciation days to show your gratitude.


    Give Customized Tumblers After Appointments

    Giving away customized tumblers after appointments can be a great way to keep your dealership on your customers' minds. It's a small gesture, but it can have a big impact.Here's why:

    • It's a practical gift. Your customers will use it and see your logo daily.
    • It's a reminder of your dealership. Every sip can trigger a thought about their positive experience with you.
    • It promotes your dealership. When they use it in public, it's free advertising.
    • It shows you value them, encouraging repeat business.

    You're not just selling cars, you're building relationships. Customized tumblers can be a helpful tool in that process.

    Offer Personalized Tumblers to Rewards Program Members

    Giving loyal programme participants personalized drinkware promotes feelings of appreciation and exclusivity. Imagine their delight when they get a personalized tumbler with your dealership's logo on it. It's an effective way to make them feel valued and special. Not only will they love using it, but they'll also advertise your brand wherever they go, a win-win situation for you.

    You can even take it a step further by creating a tiered rewards system, where the quality of the tumbler increases with their loyalty. It's like saying, 'The more you stick with us, the more we appreciate you.' This strategy will not only keep current members but also attract new ones. 

    Provide Custom Tumblers for Customer Appreciation Days

    It is a great idea to give customers personalized drinkware as a mark of appreciation for their ongoing support. It doens't only show them how much you value their business, but it also increases the exposure of your brand each time they use this custom tumbler.

    Consider these tips when planning your customer appreciation day:

    • Personalize the tumblers with your dealership's logo and a heartfelt thank you message.
    • Offer a variety of designs to cater to your customer's preferences.
    • Provide a demonstration on how to properly care for the tumbler to ensure longevity.
    • Use high-quality tumblers that reflect the quality of your business. 

    Create Brand Awareness with Customized Tumblers

    You've seen how custom tumblers can build customer loyalty, but have you wondered about their potential to grow your business?

    Imagine giving out personalized tumblers at local community events or gifting them to charities and schools in your area.

    Or, think about the impact of using them at car shows and exhibits, showcasing your brand in a practical and memorable way.

    Hand Out Personalized Tumblers at Community Events

    Gifting custom tumblers at local events can help your dealership make a lasting impression on likely customers. It's a smart move. 

    When you sponsor a local event, don't just hand out flyers. Give something useful, like a tumbler, that'll remind them of you each time they use it.

    Here's how you can make the most of this opportunity:

    • Set up a booth at the event. This is where you'll distribute your branded tumblers and engage with attendees.
    • Offer information about your latest models or services along with the tumbler.
    • Use tumblers that are high-quality and visually appealing. The better the tumbler, the more likely they'll use it.
    • Finally, don't forget to include your contact information on the tumbler – make it easy for potential customers to reach you. 

    Give Custom Tumblers to Local Organizations and Schools

    Donatingpersonalized drinkware to local organizations and schools can be an effective way to spread the word about our business. It's a gesture that's not only charitable but strategic. You're helping the community while also promoting your car dealership in an indirect, non-pushy way.

    Imagine a local school's sports team drinking out of tumblers bearing your business logo. It sparks curiosity and interest in parents, teachers, and even the students themselves. The same goes for local organizations like the Rotary Club or the PTA.

    When they use or give away your custom tumblers, they're essentially doing the marketing for you. So, don't overlook this method. It's low-cost, high-impact, and supports the community too.

    Use Customized Tumblers at Car Shows and Exhibits

    At trade shows and exhibits, it's a great idea to give away personalized drinkware as promotional items. Purposefully designed tumblers can serve as mobile advertisements, promoting your business wherever they're taken.

    Here are some key points to consider when using tumblers at car shows:

    • Design: Make sure your dealership's logo and information are prominently displayed.
    • Quality: A well-made tumbler is more likely to be used, increasing visibility.
    • Distribution: Hand out tumblers at the entrance or exit for the best exposure.
    • Variety: Offer different colors or styles to appeal to a wider audience.

    Make a Great First Impression with Custom Tumblers

    Imagine you're looking for ways to make a great first impression at your car dealership. 

    One effective approach could be gifting personalized tumblers in new car welcome packages.

    Also, you might give out personalized tumblers to customers while they wait in the service department. 

    This immediately creates a positive and memorable experience that can boost your brand's image. 

    Gift Personalized Tumblers in New Car Welcome Packages

    Including personalized tumblers in your new car welcome packages can be a great way to promote your dealership. It's a thoughtful gesture that customers will appreciate. Here's why it's a good idea:

    • Brand Exposure: Every sip they take from this tumbler is a reminder of your brand.
    • Customer Appreciation: It shows you value their business.
    • Practicality: It's a useful item they can use daily.
    • Cost-Effective: Compared to other promotional items, it's affordable. 

    Offer Customized Tumblers During Test Drives

    Handing out personalized drinkware during test drives isn't just a nice touch. It is also a smart way to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Imagine this: they're gripping the wheel of their dream car, feeling the smooth ride. In the cup holder, there's a tumbler with your dealership's logo. It's a constant reminder of where that exhilarating experience is coming from. 

    But don't stop there. Make sure the tumbler's design is sleek and stylish, something they'd want to use daily. This way, you're not only offering a practical gift but also providing a useful tool that keeps your brand front and center.

    Provide Custom Tumblers in Service Department Waiting Areas

    Providing personalized drinkware in service department waiting areas isn't just thoughtful. It is also an effective way to subtly promote the brand. When customers see your logo on high-quality tumblers while they wait, it enhances their perception of your business.

    Consider these benefits:

    • Brand Visibility: Your brand stays in customers' minds as they sip their beverage.
    • Quality Impression: Quality tumblers imply a high-quality service department.
    • Potential for Viral Marketing: Customers may share pictures of your unique tumblers on social media.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Offering a free, useful item like a tumbler can make the wait seem shorter and more enjoyable.

    Use Customized Tumblers for Referral Programs

    Imagine if you could turn your custom tumblers into a powerful referral tool. You can give personalized tumblers to customers who bring you referrals. Also, you can reward your staff with these tumblers for their successful referrals. 

    And don't forget, you can also offer discount codes for customized tumblers to those who refer their friends and family to your business.

    Give Personalized Tumblers to Customers for Referrals

    You'll see a boost in referrals if you start giving personalized tumblers to your customers as a token of appreciation. This simple gesture can make your customers feel special and appreciated, which in turn, prompts them to recommend your dealership to their friends and family.

    To make the most of this strategy, remember to:

    • Personalize each tumbler with your customer's name or initials
    • Include your dealership's logo and contact information
    • Select high-quality tumblers that will last
    • Consider offering a small incentive for referrals, like a discount or free service

    Reward Staff with Custom Tumblers for Referrals

    It's also a great idea to reward staff members with personalized drinkware for their successful referrals. It will not only make them happy, but also motivate them to continue bringing in new business. Custom tumblers, with their name and a thank you message can be a meaningful and practical token of appreciation.

    Consider setting up a referral program, with different tiers of rewards. Here's a simple example:

    Number of Referrals



    Custom Tumbler


    Tumbler + $50 bonus

    You'll find this approach not only boosts morale, but also enhances the productivity and customer base of your dealership. After all, nothing spurs motivation like appreciation and a well-earned reward.

    Offer Customized Tumbler Discount Codes for Referrers

    So, you've started rewarding your staff with custom tumblers for referrals. That's great! But why stop there? Now, let's shift gears and focus on your customers.

    Offer them customized tumbler discount codes for referring new customers to your dealership. This method not only promotes your brand but also encourages customer loyalty and expansion.

    Here's how you can implement this:

    • Create unique discount codes: For each custom tumbler, attach a unique code that the referrer can share.
    • Offer incentive: Provide a significant discount on their next purchase or service when their code is used.
    • Track referrals:Keep an eye on which codes are working to track successful referrals.
    • Reward the referrer: After a successful referral, reward the referrer with a discount or another custom tumbler.

    This strategy will surely turbocharge your dealership's marketing efforts. 

    Offer Custom Tumblers as Giveaways for Test Drives

    Imagine offering custom tumblers to everyone who takes a test drive at your dealership. It's a simple yet effective way to create a memorable experience. 

    You could even use personalized tumblers as incentives for those willing to take extended test drives. This adds an extra touch of appreciation for their time.

    Don't forget to gift a customized tumbler to serious buyers after they've test driven a vehicle. It'll serve as a tangible reminder of their visit to your dealership and the great service they received.

    Provide Custom Tumblers to All Test Drive Participants

    You're certain to make a lasting impression when you hand out custom tumblers to everyone who takes a test drive at your dealership. This small gesture can do wonders for your marketing strategy. It serves as a solid reminder of their interaction with you, and they'll relate your business with the delight of receiving a present.

    Consider these benefits:

    • It's a cost-effective way of advertising.
    • It creates a sense of value and appreciation.
    • It reinforces your brand every time they use it.
    • It's a conversation starter that can lead to word-of-mouth referrals.

    Use Personalized Tumblers as Incentives for Extended Test Drives

    Offering personalized drinkware as incentives for extended test drives can be really effective. It encourages potential buyers to spend more time getting to know the vehicle, and also gently advertise your brand each time they take a sip.

    Here's a table to visualize your strategy:



    Offer Personalized Tumbler

    Encourage Extended Test Drive

    Subtle Brand Promotion

    Each Sip From Tumbler

    Potential Buyers

    Spend More Time with Vehicle

    Powerful Marketing

    Two Birds, One Stone

    You're turning test drives into experiences. And with a tumbler as a memento, they won't forget that experience — or your brand.

    Give Customized Tumblers to Serious Buyers After Test Drives

    So, you've employed personalized tumblers as incentives for extended test drives. Now, let's shift gears and focus on serious buyers who've completed their test drives.

    Handing out customized tumblers post-test drive can be a fantastic way to keep your dealership on their minds.

    Here's why you should consider this move:

    • It's a reminder: Every time they use your tumbler, they'll remember the test drive and your dealership.
    • It's a conversation starter: Friends or family might ask about the logo, leading to word-of-mouth advertising.
    • It's a thank you gift: It shows appreciation for their interest and time spent at your dealership.
    • It's a branding opportunity: You can design tumblers that align with your dealership's brand, reinforcing your identity.

    Use Personalized Tumblers at Community Events and Car Shows

    Imagine you're at a local fair, festival, or even a car show and you're handed a custom tumbler with a company's logo on it. You'd certainly remember that brand, wouldn't you?

    That's the power of marketing with personalized tumblers, and it's something you can harness at almost any public gathering.

    Hand Out Custom Tumblers at Local Fairs and Festivals

    You'll find that giving away custom tumblers at local fairs and festivals is a fantastic way to boost your dealership's visibility. This simple yet impactful marketing strategy can draw potential customers to your booth. So, give them something to remember you by, and leave a lasting impression.

    Here are some ways to make the most out of this strategy:

    • Ensure your tumblers are of good quality. People appreciate items that last.
    • Make your dealership's logo prominent. It's all about brand recognition.
    • Offer a variety of colors. It'll make your booth stand out.
    • Don't forget to engage with people. A friendly chat can go a long way.

    Give Away Personalized Tumblers at Car Shows and Exhibits

    You've seen the impact of handing out custom tumblers at local fairs and festivals. Now let's shift gears.

    Picture this: your dealership's booth at a bustling car show or exhibit. You're surrounded by car enthusiasts, potential buyers, and industry professionals. What better opportunity to give away personalized tumblers as promotional items?

    It's a brilliant move. Not only are you attracting attention to your booth, but you're also subtly promoting your brand every time someone takes a sip. Plus, these tumblers aren't just for show—they're practical too. Folks can use them during the event to stay hydrated and take them home as a souvenir.

    It's a win-win situation. So, don't just display your cars, let your brand shine through giveaways like personalized tumblers.

    Offer Customized Tumblers at Community Fundraisers and Charity Events

    There is no doubt that handing out customised drinkware at local fundraisers and charity events may boost publicity and goodwill. As a car dealership, you should seize these opportunities. Not only will you promote your brand, but you'll also support a good cause.

    Here's a quick rundown of how you can make the most out of these events:

    • Design tumblers that resonate with the event's cause. It's a subtle way to show you're part of the community.
    • Sponsor a drink station. It's a perfect chance to distribute your tumblers.
    • Partner with local cafes or food trucks for a 'bring your own tumbler' discount. It encourages tumbler use.
    • Post-event, share photos on social media. It'll remind attendees about your brand and their new tumbler.

    Gift Customized Tumblers to Service Customers After Appointments

    You've been thinking about unique ways to show appreciation to your customers, haven't you?

    Consider providing custom tumblers after major service appointments as a token of gratitude.

    Not only that, but you can also make your loyalty program members feel extra special by giving them personalized tumblers.

    And don't forget to offer customized tumblers to those customers who keep coming back to you.

    Provide Custom Tumblers After Major Service Appointments

    Handing out custom tumblers isn't just a nice gesture, it's a smart way to keep your dealership's name in front of customers. It's a way of saying thank you while subtly reminding them where they got their car serviced.

    Here's why it's a good idea:

    • It's an inexpensive form of advertising. The cost of a tumbler is small compared to the potential return.
    • It creates a positive association. Every time they use the tumbler, they'll remember the good service they received.
    • It can encourage repeat business. If they're reminded of your dealership regularly, they're more likely to return.
    • It sets your dealership apart. Only few businesses give out useful gifts like this, so it'll make you stand out.

    Give Personalized Tumblers to Loyalty Program Members

    Giving custom drinkware as rewards to loyalty programme participants might increase their joy and connection. Imagine their surprise when they receive a tumbler engraved with their name, your dealership's logo, with a thank you message! It's a small gesture, but it'll go a long way in making them feel valued and appreciated.

    Here's a simple idea of what your loyalty program's rewards might look like:

    Rewards Level

    Points Required




    Personalized Tumbler



    Car Care Kit + Tumbler



    Free Oil Change + Tumbler



    Discount on Next Purchase + Tumbler

    Offer Customized Tumblers to Customers with Repeat Visits

    Moving on from rewarding your loyalty program members, let's focus on another group of customers that you shouldn't ignore. These are those who make repeat visits.

    Offering custom tumblers to these types of customers can be a big plus to enhance your dealership's marketing strategy. Here's how:

    • Recognize their loyalty: It's not just about the physical gift. It's the fact that you're acknowledging their repeated business.
    • Increase brand visibility: Every time they use the tumbler, they're advertising your dealership.
    • Encourage more visits: Giving a gift can incentivize more repeat visits.
    • Improve customer satisfaction: Customers feel valued when they receive something unexpected.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Cost-Effective Is It to Use Custom Tumblers in a Car Dealership's Marketing Plan Compared to Other Promotional Items?

    You're asking about the cost-effectiveness of custom tumblers versus other promo items. Given that they are reusable, and provide long-term brand exposure, as opposed to disposable or less used objects, they are generally more cost-effective. 

    How Can My Dealership Ensure That the Quality of the Custom Tumblers Is High Enough to Positively Represent Our Brand?

    To ensure high-quality custom tumblers that'll represent your brand, you need to partner with a reputable supplier. Check their previous work, ask for samples, and communicate your brand standards clearly.

    What Are the Environmental Impacts of Using Custom Tumblers as a Marketing Tool and Are There Any Alternatives?

    Custom tumblers, while impactful marketing tools, can have environmental implications. They're often made of plastic, which isn't eco-friendly. However, you can opt for tumblers made from recycled or biodegradable materials as a greener alternative.

    Are There Legal Considerations or Restrictions Involved in Using Branded Promotional Items Like Custom Tumblers?

    Yes, there are legal considerations when using branded promotional items like custom tumblers. You've to ensure to not infringing on copyrights or trademarks and respect advertising standards. Always consult a lawyer for specifics.

    Can Custom Tumblers Be Customized to Meet Specific Marketing Campaign Themes or Specific Car Models?

    Absolutely! You can customize tumblers to align with specific campaigns or car models. It's a fantastic way to create a cohesive branding experience that'll resonate with your customers. Just ensure it's done tastefully. 


    So, you see, adding custom tumblers into your car dealership's marketing strategy isn't just smart, it's essential. They boost brand awareness, foster customer loyalty, and even entice potential buyers.

    From sales events to community gatherings, these custom items can make a solid impact. Don't underestimate the power of a simple gesture.

    Start your journey today by checking out our wide selection of custom tumblers and watch your dealership's reputation and customer base grow.

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