Custom Safety Clothing

Design bulk custom safety clothing with your company logo

Safety Sweatshirts

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Safety T-Shirts

Shirt, White, Product, Jersey, Azure, Sleeve, Font, Sportswear, Aqua, T-shirt

Safety Jackets

Outerwear, White, Textile, Sleeve, Jersey, Collar, T-shirt, Font, Sportswear, Magenta

Safety Hats

Shirt, White, Product, Jersey, Azure, Sleeve, Font, Sportswear, Aqua, T-shirt

Custom Safety Clothes FAQ's

How much does custom Safety Clothes cost?

The price of your custom Safety Clothes depends on a handful of things such as the Safety Clothes you choose, how many shirts you order, and the number of ink colors for screen printing (or thread colors for embroidery) included in your design. To make ordering as easy as possible, we've created a simple to use Quick Quote tool that allows you to quickly see your total cost prior to ever placing an order!

Where can I add a design to my Safety Clothes?

We offer multiple design placement locations, the most common being Right and Left Chest Pockets. If your ordering more than 12 Polo Shirt, we also offer sleeve printing as an option!

What kinds of Safety Clothes can I design on?

Kodiak has a huge selection of Safety Clothes to choose and customize on. Our offering includes Safety Clothes for everyone scenario including Jackets & Safety Vests, Safety Shirts, Safety Hats, and more.

How will my custom Safety Clothes design be printed?

Your custom Safety Clothes order will be printed using the best method for your order’s unique needs. There are a few different ways that a custom design can be printed. Your custom Safety Clothes will be printed by either utilizing "screen printing" or DTG (also referred to as a direct to garment "digital printing"). If you choose embroidery (most common for jackets), the Safety Clothes will be customized with your logo using our state of the art embroidery equipment.

How fast can I receive my order?

With rush shipping, we can deliver custom Safety Clothes within 5 business days and custom embroidered Safety Clothes within 6 business days. Our free standard shipping times for custom apparel are around 6-12 days for printed apparel and 8-14 business days for embroidered items.

How many custom Safety Clothes do I have to order?

Custom printed Safety Clothes have no minimum, while embroidered Safety Clothes do have a minimum order size of 12 items. Keep in mind that the more pieces / items you order, the cheaper your custom Safety Gear will be!